Adventurers. Explorers. Travelers. Wanderers. With every adventure we take, our cameras are there to document it.

The Wandering Photographers is a collaborative photography project. The code is open source, meaning anyone can fork, add their own images, and merge them back in.

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The Original Wandering Photographers are:

Chris Becker: Compact in size but not in presence, this Philadelphia native finds joy in coding websites (like this one), Reddit, and fixed-gear bikes. Chris likes taking candid photos of people, using prime lenses, and the golden hour. He also likes long walks on the beach.

Ted Rysz: For this Reading, Pa. native, images speak almost as loudly as he does. A self-taught photographer and aspiring cinematographer, Ted can’t live without air conditioning, to-do lists and Hershey’s chocolate. He loves taking photos of people, events, and urban landscapes, but especially people that look like they belong in a cartoon.

Emily Shearing: Redheads really do have more spunk. This ginger and Rochester, N.Y. native feels at home in the photo studio and adores typography, cat videos and stouts. She loves taking candid photos of people, scenes and objects that are unexpectedly beautiful and sunsets.